Journaling – a New Year’s Resolution.

One of the ways you can do a self-examination is to journal on a daily basis. This will allow you a time of introspection. You may also discover some creativity. I’m positive my poetry and short stories came out of a search for my inner truth. It was a lot easier to express myself to my journals and diaries than to actual talk to people, especially when I was young. When you journal you don’t have to fear rejection or being misunderstood. You can be your authentic self or at least search for the real you. You can also examine your experiences and conversations with others, as well as how these things made you feel. You can question your conclusions and even question the motives of others – all in the private place of your journal and your heart. I’m sure others can attest to this practice being just one of many ways to effect personal change. Try it! It may be the beginning of a new you.

Final Tip: Expensive leather bound journal books are not a must. You can start journaling in a composition book or steno pad. The important thing is to write from your heart and soul. Don’t let the vehicle side track you.

Make you New Year a happy one filled with personal growth.

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