Welcome to Benelog – The Good Word.

Bene-Log means “Good Word.” We arrived at this word from the words “benediction” and “eulogy.” A benediction is a blessing or prayer that promotes goodness or well-being. While a eulogy is high praise of someone or something often in memorial. Both can be written or spoken. This is the idea behind much of my poetry and prose, but its also the challenge behind the words I speak. To quote my grandmother, “If you can’t say something good, don’t say nothing at all.”

We live in a world where everyone can benefit from a “good word” – words that heal, words that help, words, that guide, and word that lift others up rather than tear them down. We have been weighted down, especially our young people, with words that are unkind, untrue, and unhelpful, as though there was no alternative. There is another option! We can bless others with our speech and the written word. We can praise others with our words. We can make change with our words when we “speak the truth in love.”

Bene-log is a platform for the good words that need to be heard. Everyone is welcome to share in this multi-generational, multi-cultural exchange of poetry, prose, and conversation. We are open to words of wisdom, questions, and opinions that demonstrate respect of all people of all ages.

It is our desire that Bene-log will bless all those who participate through our gallery photos, our creative writings, our recommended books, and our dia-blog. Follow us here or on Facebook, and Twitter.

Good words are worth much, and cost little.
– George Herbert

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