The name Bene-Log means “Good Word.”

“What’s the good word?” was an expression of my ancestors. The response to this greeting included personal welfare gossip, obituaries, recipes, births, crop growth, and declarations of the blessings from the Almighty. The “Good Word” was communal and free flowing among family members, neighbors, and the occasional stranger journeying through their small town. This is the source that motivates my writing – capturing the oral tradition of storytelling and sharing Bene-Log, the Good Word.

My great grandparents, grandparents, great aunts and uncles along with their peers were ever present in my life from early childhood through my young adult life. The strength of their character and creativity moved through every generation no matter how young or how old. They were the storytellers and visionaries for future posterity. They were the promoters and encouragers, the teachers and the journeymen; they were the keepers of the dreams connecting every generation.

As a protege of my ancestors, I continue this legacy telling their stories and mine. Through narrative poetry, short stories, and inspirational discourse, I want my readers to fully experience our stories. I want you to hear the characters’ hearts and feel the struggle of their souls. I want the universal themes to come to life in a way that opens your mind to the memories of your own stories. I want to inspire each generation to join the narrative and spread the “Good Word” from one generation to the next.

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