How are we preparing for the second Advent of our Lord and Savior? This Advent devotional ponders this question through scriptures, prayers, and meditations. An ideal gift for this liturgical season. Also available as a Kindle book.

Jeremy Finds Happiness
Jeremy Finds Happiness is a delightful story about a boy who discovers happiness in a variety of ways after losing his mother and moving in with is uncle on a Mississippi farm.
Various and sundry voices fill my heart. Voices full of life, laughter, and love. Voices filled with sadness, worry, and stress. Voices that shape dreams and trust. Voices that birth hope, new goals, and new dreams. Voices from one generation to another – This is what I hear!
Friendship was everything to Toddalene Henry and the Brainiac Crew was the source of that friendship. They had everything: intelligence, beauty, talent . . . yet, none of these qualities could prevent the pain inflicted on their hearts and bodies.
Do you know your pastor’s heart? Have you ever considered how life experiences play a role in his or her identity? Musings of a Pastor’s Heart begins where theology meets life.