Stories for our children

Do you ever think about the things you want to share with you children? Or the things you wish you had shared before they grew up moved away and had children of their own? I’ve been thinking about this for some time now. I have two sets of grandchildren. One group that spent most of their growing up years with me and the other whom I nearly know. I did n’t know what the future holds but for now it seems like I may not get to know the second set as well as I got to know the first, but I want them to know me. I want them to know their heritage. I want them to know the family stories, the times of great laughter and the time of great sorrow. I want them to know about the love that has flowed from one generation to another and flows in them too. So how am I going to accomplish this? Well, certainly the books I’ve written will be available to them, but I am aiming for something more personal. So I’m thinking of writing letters to each of them in the form of a journal. I’ll include stories about their parents, about me, about my parents, and my grandparents. I can tell them about pets and trips and holidays and birthdays. I can tell them about my faith and my hopes. In a perfect world I may get to read it to them or with them, but for now I’m thinking of sending it to them or leaving it for them. When I’m gone or just far away they will have a part of their family history and the our stories available to them. There are so many purposes for journaling and this is one that I can’t pass up. How will you pass on your family stories for the next generation? It’s important that we don’t let our stories die!

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